Thursday, June 16, 2011

Russia, China issue veiled warning to NATO

Russia and China warn the West; avoid interfering in Arab world

The plot thickens....................

This pronouncement comes on the heels of the Summit in Kazakhstan between Russia, China, and Iran.

It doesn't surprise me a bit, and I actually wonder how much of this comes at the behest of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad?

China and Russia, while full members of the UN Security Council, are NOT (full) members of NATO.

In my mind, things are falling into place.
Watching closely..............


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Economic Statistic US Elites Keep ‘Hush-Hush’

More bleak analysis of US financial crisis

When are the average citizens  going to wake up and realize just how screwed we truly are?

Our government, and especially the Federal Reserve, have traded away our future, along with those of our children, all the way to their grandchildren's future economic stability.
There is simply no way in sight out of this mess.


from the article;


In its effort to counter the significant economic difficulties since 2008, the US government has added, or will have added, around $4 trillion in deficits (financed by new debt) in its three fiscal years 2009, 2010 and 2011. Yet, all this massive government deficit spending has failed to really ignite economic growth. Most likely this is because of the enormous dead weight of unproductive and onerous private sector debt, particularly that of consumer debt. Hence, real US GDP will have increased probably less than $1.5trn during these years. Including some further economic benefit in the years thereafter, a total GDP benefit of only about $2trn is probable.

So, $4trn borrowed for $2trn in GDP gains. Thus, in very rough round numbers, each new one dollar of US government debt might only produce $0.50 in new economic activity and probably only about $0.08 in new federal tax revenue. (Federal tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is around 15 per cent.) Therefore, the economic marginal return for each new dollar of US government debt is possibly around -50 per cent! If you loaned someone $10 million and they gave you back $5m, you would not be happy!

Hence, it might not be long before those holding or buying US government bonds perceive the reality that the US government, and US economy, are losing massively on government borrowings. This will result in much, much higher US government bond yields and interest costs. Most importantly, it may make the rollover of US debt and new debt issuance incredibly difficult unless either US taxes rise stratospherically to cover the deficits, and/or the US Federal Reserve money printing goes into hyper-drive to purchase the debt the markets will not buy. (Of course US banks, pension funds etc., could also be forced to buy them.)


Iran is jockeying for alliance with Russia, China

Iran attempting to ally with Russia/China
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The biggest roadblock with Russia is that their current President- Medvedev, isn't much of a fan.
However, old cowboy (and US hater) Putin is planning to move him aside and take back over.

This sort of alliance (Russia/Iran) is exactly the sort of thing mentioned in the Bible. Couple this with the new "revolutionary" middle eastern nations, the impending UN actions against Israel come September, and it all points to one thing:

Israel is in mortal danger.

Ezekiel 38 & 39.



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wasn't this an episode of ' The A-Team' ?

I love it when a plan comes together-- or NOT!!!

I swear, this 'Charlie Foxtrot' sounds more ridiculous every time I read it.

Let me see.... a plane full of CASH goes missing in 2003, and no one has a clue what happened to BILLIONS of dollars?

Maybe these idiots need to investigate the whereabouts of Hannibal Smith, Face, B.A., and Howling Mad Murdoch.....


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Police tracking ' real life Rambo' Montana wilderness
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's Israel Policy Undermines Jewish State

At least there are some in the government who don't see it Obama's way on Israel.

Many Democrats are opposing Obama's ridiculous.stance on Israel.

Please call your Congressmen and Senators and express your support of the Senate legislation, and insist that the House introduce a similar measure to oppose Obama's position.


Hatch: Obama's Israel Policy Undermines Jewish State


The Real reason Obama is calling for Israel to revert to 1967 borders

President Obama is anti-Semitic, plain and simple.
The first article was published well before Obama made his demand of Israel that they commit national suicide by reverting to their indefensible 1967 borders. How prophetic.

Anti-Semite Obama

The position by Obama and the UN amounts to nothing short of a wholesale sellout of the nation of Israel, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the anti-semitism of our current President.
Come September 2011, we shall see how anti-Israel the rest of the UN membership are.

Obama has taken great pains to alienate Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, has offended them at every opportunity, and his call for Israel to revert back to their 1967 border is absolutely ludicrous, as every expert on the subject agrees that this move would amount to national suicide.

The American news media have all but buried the story and its developments, but this is gathering momentum as September rapidly approaches.
You better believe this issue is being watched very closely in Israel and Europe, even if the US media are intentionally not reporting it.

We are watching this developing story closely, and will continue to update.
Please pray for the nation of Israel, and the US.


United Nations set for September sellout of Israel out to the "Palestinians"


South Texas enjoys major boom from oil fracking - Yahoo! News

I'm glad that this is happening all over the country, but this statement from the article bothers me;

"....Major industry players have joined the Eagle Ford project, including Anadarko, Range Resources and Shell. Chesapeake Energy of Oklahoma City signed a multi-billion dollar deal with the Chinese state-owned oil company to raise cash to drill in the shale."

The Chinese State-owned oil company?

So are they going to collect the oil themselves or collect on the sale??

My problem is that the US Gov't is so freaking backwards right now they won't allow off shore drilling, and won't openly sponsor new drilling in the continental US or Alaska, but they'll allow the Chinese to sponsor it??

Personally, I wish the US would drill everywhere we know there's oil, ramp up domestic and offshsore exploration, and explore the possibility of conversion to natural gas for vehicles.
We know there is massive, massive deposits of natgas. It burns cleaner and more effectively as well.


South Texas enjoys major boom from oil fracking - Yahoo! News