Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama could be impeached over Debt limit

Impeachment possibility

Not very likely, unless Obama either;

A) Refuses to cut a deal and the debt limit expires, which sends the US into default.

B) Issues and Executive Order that unilaterally raises the debt limit without Congressional approval.

Personally, I think the first scenario is exactly what is about to happen, as far as any deal being reached.

What Congress does after that I couldn't guess.

Hell, even they don't have a clue what they're going to do.
As usual.



Monday, July 18, 2011

US Recognizes Al-Qaeda War Criminals As Libya’s Official Government

» US Recognizes Al-Qaeda War Criminals As Libya’s Official Government

Is anyone truly surprised by this?

Here we are, fighting an illegal war, and now the Obama Administration is upping the ante by throwing in with a group of known terrorists, and calling them the "legitimate government".

I wish we'd stayed out of this one and let nature take it's course in Libya.
There are no "good guys" over there--no pro-Western factions are to be found anywhere.
Quaddaffi is a bad guy.
The rebels are bad guys.

Why are we so hell-bent on supporting the Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/Hezbollah types in North Africa?

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria.

We need to keep our noses (and our military) out of these conflicts, and let these jackals kill each other off.
It's not our fight.
There is more going on here than meets the eye.



The Cowardly Congress and the Tyrannical President

» The Cowardly Congress and the Tyrannical President

Can the US economy be saved?

Probably not.
We have the Democrats on one side capitulating to their Marxist leader, and the Republicans on the other side, who are only trying to save themselves long enough to get re-elected next year.

The problem is, we need saving NOW, we can't wait until November 2012.

I predict the Republicans will cave, the debt ceiling will be raised, the debt will grow exponentially, they will print even more worthless paper to cover it, and inflation will continue to rise.

Unless something drastic is done now the country is doomed.

Like they used to tell us in the Army; "it's time to sack up."

Moody's Suggests US Eliminates Debt Ceiling

Moodys Suggests US Eliminates Debt Ceiling

If the US does this, the sky's the limit.
Actually, outer space would have to be the new limit for the National Debt if they remove the cap on the debt ceiling.

Imagine how high our debt would climb if Congress had no authority to set a limit on how much debt the US was allow to accrue?

I'm sure Obama, Pelosi, and Reed will be all over this one.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

White House Plans to Release New Gun Safety Measures ‘in the Near Future’ |

White House Plans to Release New Gun Safety Measures ‘in the Near Future’

And we had just thought Obama had forgotten about gun control....................

This from an Administration that can't control weapons being sent into the hands of Mexican criminals;

Project Gunrunner fiasco



Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezb'Allah is Operating in Mexico - Atlas Shrugs

Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezb'Allah is Operating in Mexico

This is the best reason I can think of to actually shut down the Mexican border.

Bring our troops home, put them on the border.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This is a poor attempt to divide the Tea Party

Media trying to divide Tea Party from within

This is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to create public perception that there is some sort of rift within the Tea Party.
To say that there is any sort of "poster child" Tea Party representative at this point is nothing short of ludicrous.

Yes, many Tea Party-types, myself included, can be counted among the admirers of both Palin and Bachmann. Both are very Conservative, and both espouse a return to a government that not only respects the US Constitution, but only functions within its boundaries.

However, like most other Tea Partiers, I have yet to settle on the person that I will vote for in 2012.

There is no rift within the Tea Party.

Ever wonder why the Tea Party itself is not making any noise?
Why does the Tea Party not issue a statement?

Why does the liberal media constantly hammer and yammer--Tea Party, Tea Party, TEA PARTY??

Answers to all three;

We don't have a spokesman. WE are the spokesmen & women.
We don't have to make any noise.
Our noise will be heard November 6, 2012.

And it will be deafening.



Independence Day more important than ever

The Elite Are Not Even Trying To Hide How Much They Hate The U.S. Constitution Anymore

The Elite Are Not Even Trying To Hide How Much They Hate The U.S. Constitution Anymore

TIME Magazine asked recently if the U.S. Constitution was relevant in today's world.
It seems that every time you turn on the TV, talking heads are debating the same thing. The Constitution is under near relentless attack by the Progressive elements in our society.

President Obama and his Socialist, Progressive, and Marxist acolytes are constantly mounting attacks on the Bill of Rights, both in full view and under the radar.

He has given speeches espousing attacks on the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms "by regulation if not legislation" (paraphrased), he has named more "czars" than any President in history outside of Woodrow Wilson or FDR.

Look for even more open attacks on freedom.

There is a war going on, a war against the Constitution, and the liberal media has already chosen sides.
You won't see news footage of the attacks.
You won't read about it (probably) in your local newspaper.

Instead, the attacks will be carried out in US District Courts, State Supreme Courts, and various State Legislatures.
Some of these attacks may even be struck down by the Supreme Court, but the President has already demonstrated his willingness to crank out Executive Orders that subvert the Constitution.

Keep your eyes wide open, and for God's sake, voice your opinion.
Scream loudly to your State and Federal Representatives, and especially to like-minded citizens.

This is a war that will determine our future, and that of this nation.