Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cleric Introduces Egypt's New President: Our Capital 'Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing'

Egypt's New President promises to make Jerusalem new Egyptian capital, "Allah Willing"

I firmly believe, and continue to scream at the top of my lungs, that the world is being set up for a holy war.

While the media continue to hue and cry carefully crafted, Obama-approved stories about the economy, they are just as carefully crafting outright  institutional ignorance of the real events transpiring in the Middle East.

The Muslim Brotherhood has won (politically & religiously) Egypt. All that remains there is for them to somehow win over the military-which they surely will-and Egypt will once again become a major threat to regional stability.

The Iranians are already a threat, but only they and the Brotherhood know just how deeply their cooperation goes. I suspect there is a huge Iranian influence in the events in Egypt.

A very interesting proposition.
The Russians and Chinese are supporting the Assad regime, while the U.S. seems to be leaning towards (and may be covertly supplying arms to) the 'rebels', who are almost certainly supported by the Iranians and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Syria has a large, well trained and supplied military. If the 'rebels' win there, they would certainly be more fanatical in their religious beliefs, like the Egyptians have proven themselves to be.
Once the smoke clears in Syria, the final picture will become clear. My belief is that the "rebels' will win out in the end, and Syria will join with Egypt, Iran, and yes, Russia, who is a major ally of Iran.

Meanwhile, the Israelis are still not attacking Iran's nuclear program, mostly due to President Obama's insistence.
At the same time, Obama makes noise and empty threats directed at Iran.
The Iranians know his threats are as hollow as his cheeks.

Russian President Putin hunts polar bears and wrestles sharks, and Obama rides a bike and looks like a sissy and bows to every foreign leader he meets.

Whose threats would you take more seriously?

Our only hope is that Obama is defeated in November, and that events do not overtake the election and transfer of office in January.
Maybe Romney will prove tougher, and less accommodating to our adversaries.



Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Mursi

Another story from "the Religion of Peace"......

My friends, I ask you, would a Christian or a Jew do this?

Then why does the media continue to deride us?

Why do they paint us as 'intolerant?

This is an atrocity that must be shared with all. Please tell everyone you know about this.
We must point out the true fanatics, the true intolerant ones, the true malicious, vile believers in a false prophet.
We must continue to expose their lies, their violence, their fanatacism, their atrocities.

Our wives and children disobey us, just like theirs.
But there is a difference.
We do not beat them and/or kill them for disobeying us.
We Christians and Jews do not kill our wives and children for failing to follow our religion

Yet the news media in this country will not show this story.
President Obama will not refer to this story, or the hundreds like it, when he speaks at his next news conference, or his next campaign speech.
Why, you may ask?

Because they are more sympathetic to the Muslims and radical Islam than they are to their own countrymen.

Meanwhile, the US media, President Obama, and all his political compatriots continue to celebrate the "Arab Spring".......



Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney BLASTS Obama on Solyndra debacle

All I can say is wow.


Whaddaya know, Mitt has a pair!!

If he puts out this kind of truth-telling in his campaign, he may actually roust out enough voters to offset the dead ones that the Obama campaign has lined up for November.



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