Wednesday, January 4, 2012

McCain set to publicly endorse Romney tomorrow

McCain to endorse Romney tomorrow

It should be no surprise to anyone watching that the Progressive elements in the Republican Party are lining up behind Romney.

I would be shocked if they didn't, in fact.

It will be interesting to see how many Conservative Republicans have the fortitude to publicly back Santorum in the next few weeks.

I fully expect to see the Conservatives and Progressives start to draw their lines in the sand.

The real fun begins now......

Heaven help us.



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santorum is the big winner in Iowa.........................

.....even if Romney pulls away at the end, Santorum is the big winner here, make no mistake.
Romney has been campaigning for a couple years now, has the largest war chest of any candidate not named Obama, and the media have all but christened him the Republican nominee.

Santorum's showing in Iowa will garner him massive campaign contributions, and will put him center stage in the media.

On to New Hampshire, where Romney will almost certainly win big.
He's from New England, and is far ahead in the polls.

In any other election cycle, this might completely reverse the Iowa momentum that Santorum will enjoy after tonight.

Not so fast, my friends.

Romney is well known as a moderate (Progressive) Republican.
The next Primaries after New Hampshire is South Carolina January 21, and Florida January 31.

I say that Romney's act will definitely not play well in the South, with our much more Conservative base.
I say Santorum wins SC by a wider margin, and Florida in a squeaker.



Monday, January 2, 2012

President signs Bill into law allowing detention of US citizens, but says he won't use the powers HE demanded.....

» Obama’s Signing Statement on NDAA: "I have the power to detain Americans… but I won’t"

He'd have been telling the truth here if he'd said first that the detention powers he was referring to were the very ones he himself had pressured Congress to add to the Bill.

Along with the recent development of allowing his natural grey hair to show, this man isn't even trying anymore to hide his Marxist roots.