Saturday, February 27, 2016

"...The teacher stated, 'it's a really good example and shows how racial violence has evolved.' My daughter was subjected to this yet again, and my requests to the school to abstain from this obvious hostile learning environment were met with deaf ears," he said..."  

I can tell you another thing in this country that's 'evolved' in recent years. The lies being perpetuated on the populace that there's anything other than black-on-white racism being touted by the media. They're indoctrinating our kids, filling their heads with mindless garbage such as this, and preaching a message of anti- white hatred. 

And, dear reader, I am NOT "white", just so you know I'm not racially biased. I am actually over half Cherokee. 

And I fear for my country, because of the lies and misinformation being spread, intended to inflame relations between 'white' Americans and our black and Hispanic brothers & sisters. Can't have everyone getting along now, can we? 
No, have to put as many irons on the fire as we can, so as to divert attention away from the cold, hard facts. 
This country is being destroyed from within. Progressives, such as these misguided 'educators' are helping the process. 


130,000 "migrants' have disappeared in Germany so far

and these are the "registered" migrants.....

"....Out of some 1.1 million asylum seekers registered in 2015, "about 13 percent did not turn up at the reception centres to which they had been directed," the government said in a written reply to a question from a lawmaker of the Left Party.
Some may have returned to their home countries, travelled on to another country, or gone underground, it said, adding that there may also have been repeated registrations of the same individual..."

In other words, they don't know where the hell these "migrants" are, what they're planning, or what they're doing.
When the next attack, or wave of attacks strike in Europe, the entire continent has their own damn liberal policies to blame. 


The quickest way to guarantee a Hillary victory in November... to siphon Republican votes via a 3rd Party candidate

I am no big fan of Donald Trump, either as a celebrity, businessman or politician, but if the American people choose him to represent them via the GOP nomination process, then the GOP elites need to support him as the nominee.

I've seen this on other occasions-Perot cost President George Bush the election, and saw to it we had 8 years of Bill Clinton, which, consequently, has led us to our present predicament. 


Uncertainties remain surrounding asteroid 2013 TX68

How close will it come to earth next week?

Somewhere between 19,254 and 10,722,990 miles.
Educated guesses by the astronomers closely watching this thing approach;

"....Preliminary estimates of the size of asteroid 2013 TX68 suggest the space rock has a diameter of 30 meters (98 ft), which is about twice the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor that entered over Russian skies in February, 2013.
If a space rock of this size were to enter our atmosphere, it would produce a shock wave at least twice as intense as that of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which broke windows in six Russian cities – caused more than 1,500 people to seek medical care, mostly due to cuts from flying glass – and did other damage to thousands of buildings.
The speed of the space rock has also been updated. Asteroid 2013 TX68 is travelling at a speed of 34,279 miles per hour (55,166 km/h)...."

Should prove an interesting diversion next week.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Obama Administration orders SECOND autopsy on Missouri teen killed by police;_ylt=AwrBEiQBzfBTLAkAIvDQtDMD

The first autopsy, conducted by authorities in Missouri, obviously wasn't good enough for Eric Holder and Barack Obama. 
Now it appears there might be eyewitness account that would support the police officer's claim the teenager was charging him.  Maybe he was on something that made him crazy enough to charge an armed police officer?
Can't have the truth interfering with the Administration's chosen narrative now, can we?

One thing is clear in this case - as well as Fast & Furious,  Beghazi, the IRS scandal, among others - this President will change the rules as he sees fit to get the results he wants.



Friday, August 8, 2014

Armed illegals streaming across border into Texas-Border Patrol Agent murdered

'We're getting overrun and the danger is increasing... we need to open our eyes': Sheriff leading probe into murder of Border Patrol agent claims armed illegal immigrants in military fatigues have been spotted on Texas ranches

*Sheriff Larry Spence of Willacy County spoke to MailOnline after murder of off-duty Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr. who was allegedly gunned down by two illegal immigrants who had been deported six times

*Sheriff Spence said ranchers had reported illegal immigrants walking through the brush in single file, armed with rifles in military fatigues

*Spence said he used to not show a weapon but now he has 'two or maybe three' because of the increasing 'criminal element'
He added: 'It’s not like it was years ago when people were just looking for a job or something to eat'

*MailOnline also spoke to the woman who reported Javier's alleged killers to the police. She now fears she could be killed by the cartels


It's not just "unaccompanied minors" streaming over the US/Mexico border.
This is the most dangerous situation in the Western hemisphere right now, and our President could care less.
Congress is in recess, they don't care either.
What is it going to make the Government put a stop to it?

If they won't, maybe the citizens need to arm themselves and form up at the border.
I'm afraid it's going to come to that.