Saturday, February 27, 2016

"...The teacher stated, 'it's a really good example and shows how racial violence has evolved.' My daughter was subjected to this yet again, and my requests to the school to abstain from this obvious hostile learning environment were met with deaf ears," he said..."  

I can tell you another thing in this country that's 'evolved' in recent years. The lies being perpetuated on the populace that there's anything other than black-on-white racism being touted by the media. They're indoctrinating our kids, filling their heads with mindless garbage such as this, and preaching a message of anti- white hatred. 

And, dear reader, I am NOT "white", just so you know I'm not racially biased. I am actually over half Cherokee. 

And I fear for my country, because of the lies and misinformation being spread, intended to inflame relations between 'white' Americans and our black and Hispanic brothers & sisters. Can't have everyone getting along now, can we? 
No, have to put as many irons on the fire as we can, so as to divert attention away from the cold, hard facts. 
This country is being destroyed from within. Progressives, such as these misguided 'educators' are helping the process. 


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