Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Obama's FOOD POLICE are coming to harass our kids at school

The FOOD POLICE they live inside of our schools, the FOOD POLICE they look inside of our lunch

First, an apology to Cheap Trick for blatantly ripping off a fantastic song;


Folks, do we need any more proof that the Progressives are running things in Washington??

from the article;

...."Another idea suggests using pre-paid cards that only allows students to purchase healthy options from the school cafeteria."

From yours truly, playing the part of Johnny Progressive;

"Well, kids make bad choices about what they eat, so we'll just TAKE THEIR CHOICES AWAY!!!!!"

First, our kids.

Then, they set their sights on the rest of us.

They already dictate the curriculum taught in public screwels (schools), omitting much of our true history, and interjecting their own "modified" history.

It's time to eliminate the US Dept. Of Education.

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