Tuesday, December 6, 2011

China's President urges navy to prepare for combat - Yahoo! News

China's President urges navy to prepare for combat

Well, why not?
I mean, if it's a naval fight they want, let them have it.

The US Navy is far and away the most formidable force on the planet.

US-11 Nuclear aircraft carriers.
China has 1 ( a revamped Russian ship)

US-19 Nuclear ICBM (nuclear missile) submarines.
China has 5.

US-55 nuclear attack submarines.
China has 6 (with an additional 52 inferior diesel subs)

US-2 Cruisers, 60 Destroyers, 29 Frigates, 9 Amphibious Assault ships, and many more smaller ships & boats.
China has 25 Destroyers, 47 Frigates, and several other smaller ships, with a fair number of coastal defense ships.

They are vastly inferior to the US Navy, in numbers and overall quality.
Our Carrier force alone could easily overwhelm their Navy.

This reason (Naval superiority) alone is why the Chinese currently leave the US alone.
If they want a fight now, they are crazy.

On the other hand, if they want a fight now, let them start one. Why not go ahead and knock their Navy out now, before they succeed in building one closer in size to our own.

This definitely bears watching.



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