Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Anti-Semitic notions' on rise among French, other Europeans

Poll: 'Anti-Semitic notions' on rise among French, other Europeans 

These are truly dangerous times, and this doesn't surprise me a bit.
Glenn Beck has been preaching that this situation is getting worse and worse, but until recently, I really couldn't see much of it. Sure, the Islamic world is constantly screaming "death to Israel", but the Europeans?
This has been foretold in the Bible,  and must come to pass, but it is no less frightful to think that we could be seeing a resurgence of the Jew-hating that permeated Europe leading up to World War II.
And our President is seen treating the Israelis like unwanted stepchildren.

Keep a close watch on the future, my friends, because when Israel launches an attack on Iran, anti-Semitism in Europe might just explode.



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