Friday, April 13, 2012

NASA scientists demand the Agency back away from "global warming" activism

I have the utmost respect for these brave souls who have come forth to dispute the total malarkey NASA has spewed at the behest of the Progressives.


I would like to anonymously quote a couple of friend of mine, during an open discussion of the topic, from another website forum;

"Four weeks ago during a 2 hour flight, I sat beside a lady that was a bona fide Nasa rocket scientist. It was obvious she had a 10-pound brain and she was very nice. During our conversation, I mentioned 2 things that just set her off on tirades. She is furious about how NASA is being used to spread propoganda about climate change. She believes if the climate is changing that humans have nothing to do with it.

Secondly, when I asked her about NASA's efforts at Muslim outreach, as ordered by the White House, she again went off in an angry tirade. She said there is a simmering strong dis-like for the community organizer in the White House. She explained that NASA is full of scientists that believe in facts and logic, and they find it insulting to be ruled by political nuance."

"A couple of points. The article refers to "former" NASA scientists. They are not all "former", some still work for NASA.

Secondly, it is worth noting that one of the signees is "Dr. Christopher C. Kraft– JSC, Apollo Flight Director and Director of Johnson Space Center, 24 years." You will remember this guy as the head of the Houston Space Center during the Apollo 13 flight who headed up the recovery efforts that saved the astronauts. He is an NASA icon, and when he speaks, people listen."

Again, bravo to these brave men & women.



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