Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama ends mixed messages to US Rabbis regarding Iranian threat to Israel

Who knows what the devil Obama will do when it comes time to stand with or against Israel?

This guy sends mixed messages-on purpose, I believe-to the entire world, much less American Jewish Rabbis, regarding his intentions on the Israel/Iran crisis.

He deliberately offends President Netanyahu on numerous occasions, blatantly sides with radical Muslim organizations in the Middle East, yet authorizes Naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf and makes tough talk about Iran.

Fact is, he's a rank amateur in the world of global diplomacy, and no one in the rest of the world takes him seriously (except himself and-publicly at least-his hand picked cronies)

If the conflict happens after the November 6th election, look for his response to the imminent Iran/Israeli conflict to be awkward, limp-wristed, and completely against the traditional US/Israel relationship.

However, if it catches fire before the election, all bets are off. This guy might actually "do the right thing" solely for political reasons, just to score points ahead of the election.

Hmm.... I wonder if Netanyahu is banking on that as well?

Mark it.



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