Saturday, December 15, 2012

Obama and his minions WILL use this tragedy to come after legally owned guns

First and foremost, let me make this perfectly clear; Yesterday's mass murder is one of the most hideous things I have ever known to have happened in my lifetime. The animal that perpetrated it should have just shot himself, and saved the entire nation a world of grief. I grieve for their loved ones and pray the dead knew Jesus as their Savior. However, in the United States of America as it exists today, this event today will not be allowed for long to remain about the horrific murders of these poor children and school employees by a madman. Oh, no. The leftist media and politicians are about to use this horrific slaughter to target you and I--otherwise known as the more than 47% of American adults that legally own guns who haven't murdered anyone. Yes, I fully believe that the government is about to launch an attack on gun ownership, aided by their state-run media outlets, the likes of which has never been seen. They'll use the images of the poor children we all have seen and are still seeing on the news today as ammunition, and will of course hearken back to the Columbines, Virginia Techs, Fort Hoods, and Auroras to smash their point home; The only way to prevent gun crime is to "control" gun ownership. Of course, they'll completely ignore the facts, and focus on the emotions. They'll fail to point out the fact that even though millions upon millions of adults legally own guns, these episodes are comparatively rare, given the sheer numbers that legally own or have access to firearms in the United States. They'll completely ignore the number of people killed in automobile accidents each year, which dwarfs gun deaths by 32,885 (wikipedia 2010) to 8.755 (FBI stats 2010) As a matter of fact, in 2008, the American Foundation for Suicide prevention reports there were 38,364 reported suicides in the US. Yes, these murders are unspeakably evil, but then so are the creatures that perpetrate them. Instead of pointing the crooked finger at the dozens of millions of us who would never dream of harming anyone else with a weapon unless it were a matter of self defense, perhaps these misguided people need to be trying to devise ways of identifying those among us who turn into murderous monsters. Of course, that won't happen. Obama will continue to wipe at nonexistent tears, Congress will pass more restrictive gun laws that only hurt legal gun owners, and the media will paint us all as "gun nuts". And after they all pat themselves on the back for having made the world a better and safer place "for the children", some other monster will do it again. It's about evil, people, not guns. And there is far more evil in the world than there will ever be guns.

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