Sunday, January 27, 2013

Will You Submit & Obey?

Will You Submit and Obey?

This guy really puts us to the question.

What will we do if/when guns are banned, the government sends armed police and/or troops to confiscate them.
They begin to round up "troublemakers" and those who dare to speak out.

What will you do when they come for your neighbor?
Your good friend?
Your child or spouse?

"It will never happen in America", you say.
"Not in 2013....we're too civilized, things like that happen in Africa or other 3rd world countries, not here.
This isn't the USSR or Nazi Germany".

Well, look no further than the State of New York.
The very real danger to (Constitutionally) legal gun-owners is that they are about to become felons at the stroke of the Governor's pen.

Will the State enforce their new laws and resort to confiscation and prosecution?

We shall see.
Will the people peacefully demonstrate in defense of their rights?
Will the government relent in the face of mass demonstrations?
Will they revolt openly if that fails?

Look away from American Idol and the cursed Housewives, you fools, before it's too late!!!

There is real danger to your freedoms occurring right now.

Wake up.
Look around.
Get involved.

Or else, soon, your regularly scheduled programming will be pre-empted by an important message from Big Brother...................



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