Sunday, December 19, 2010

Government using "mobile screening units" to spy on average citizens

Are we Americans OK with this??

I am definitely NOT OK with it. 
Any of it.
Seems to me that this would be a definitive breach of my 5th Amendment rights, for starters.

Also, the Dept. of Homeland Security advertises this technology as being "up to 80% accurate".

"Up to" 80%??

Hell, my personal BS detector (looking you in the eye while I talk to you) is better than that.

Big Brother is not only watching us, he's feeling us up, "scanning" us, interrogating us.

Next, we'll be required to show our "papers" on demand.

This has got to be stopped ASAP.

I guarantee you, our Founding Fathers would NOT allow themselves to be treated like this.


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