Sunday, December 19, 2010

Iranian-American man walks onto plane with loaded handgun while other stopped over harmless liquids

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Yeah, this inspires confidence, doesn't it?

Why the hell are we allowing this to happen--the total ignoring of our Constitutional rights, in the name of false security?

The TSA are an abysmal failure.

If they would go back to real screening, the way El AL does we would not have to be subjected to groping and near-pornographic "screening" by the scanners.
El AL simply uses humans to interview passengers, and yes, they also perform 'profiling'.

It works.
They have  had one plane hijacked in 30 years, and are considered the safest airline on the planet for a good reason.
Their system works.

Read about it here;

The REAL way to protect ourselves from Terrorism

They rely on extremely well trained people, and don't violate the passengers' civil rights in doing so.
Simple as that.


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