Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progressives put on a tacky, ridiculous excuse of a "memorial service" for victims of Tuscon shooting

Dear Lord.
"memorial service", or Progressive Pep Rally?? 

The Left have absolutely no shame.
They promoted this event and orchestrated it to look like what it was at its core:

A political rally, complete with campaign paraphenalia in the form of free T shirts with a goofy slogan emblazoned on the chest.

As if that weren't enough, the Progressives trotted out an American Indian to give the "blessing" over the "memorial service".
Please, please watch the embedded video of the Indian giving a very strange "blessing", after a lengthy self-aggrandizing autobiography.

I am 5/8 Cherokee, and was raised around some very traditional Cherokees on my Mom's side, and I can say without a doubt;
This dude is waaaaaaaaaaay out there.

Not a single victim was American Indian (I hate the term Native American)

Tell me this crap wasn't political, I'll show you a Indian giving a non-Christian "blessing" at a "memorial service".

Totally staged by the Progressives.

Geez a mighty.


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