Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Should the US supply arms to the Libyan rebels?

Should the US supply arms to the Libyan rebels?

President Obama and/or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton haven't made up their mind(s).

I say absolutely NOT.

We need to distance ourselves from the internal struggles in these Middle Eastern nations.
Heck, we don't even know how many Al Qaeda/Hezbollah/Muslim Brotherhood fighters are among the rebels in Libya.

The US has a less than stellar record when arming rebels and insurgents.

In the Middle East, it's almost a guarantee to end badly for us.
No matter who ends up in control, it's all but guaranteed they will not be friendly to the US.
The region is dominated by theocratic regimes, despotic dictators, and monarchies.

Hmmmm, which of these is most like the USA?

Exactly zero.

We should observe, very closely, the events taking place, but should remain 100% neutral militarily.


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