Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a mess we have made of the Libya situation........

 This is what happens when;

1. The US allows another nation or organization to take the lead in ANY military action.

2. The US President shows anything but strong, confident leadership in military actions

3. The Progressives resort to force to "solve" a problem we have absolutely no business in poking our noses into.

The French, Germans, and Turkish are already squabbling;

Anti-Libya Alliance fraying at the edges

The Italians are upset with the Alliance;

Italy threatening to remove itself from Alliance

Now there's word that the Arab League itself is critical of the airstrikes;
(go figure)

Arab League backpedaling has begun

My friends, this is the mess our President has allowed to happen by letting Hillary Clinton set up her own little war.

I only hope voters remember these events next year, and tell Mr. Obama (and Mrs. Clinton if she throws her pantssuit into the arena) "thanks, but no thanks--been there, done that...."


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