Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Egyptian Muslims burning Christian Churches, murdering & injuring Christians

O mighty media, where is thy holy outrage?

Oh, wait........................


"....Muslim mobs set two Cairo churches on fire overnight during sectarian clashes that left 12 dead and more than 200 injured. The deepening religious violence in military-ruled Egypt exacerbated an already chaotic and lawless transition to democracy.

Mobs of ultraconservative Muslims attacked the St. Menas church in the Cairo slum of Imbaba late Saturday following rumors that a Christian woman married to a Muslim man had been abducted. Local residents said a separate mob of youths armed with knives and machetes attacked the Virgin Mary church several blocks away with firebombs.


.....in the months that followed the toppling of Mubarak on Feb. 11, there has been a sharp rise in sectarian tensions, fueled in part by newly active ultraconservative Muslim movement, known as the Salafis.


The once quiescent Salafis have become more assertive post-revolution in trying to spread their ultraconservative version of an Islamic way of life. In particular, they have focused their wrath on Egypt's Christians, who make up 10 percent of the country's 80 million people...."


So , 8 million Christians in Egypt are either being actively persecuted, or are in danger of direct persecution by the remaining 72 million Egyptians (overwhelmingly Muslim), and the so-called "mainstream media" is just giving them a pass on this??

Again I point straight at the media, not just in the US, but in the entire Western world, for aiding and abetting the persecution of Christians by their own silence.

Lord Jesus, please return soon for your church......


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