Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scientists advocate putting antidepressants in public water supply

I worked in a busy Emergency Room for many years as a Nurse.
Nurses by far have the darkest senses of humor of any other demographic group on the planet.
We laugh to keep from crying, and inject very black humor into unimaginable circumstances in which we routinely find oursleves.
In other words, we crack jokes at very odd times, and the average civilain would find much of what we privately say to one another during such times quite objectionable, I'm certain.

One of my favorites used to be when the ER would be rocking late in the evening, full of trauma patients, medical crises, and the usual three or four psychiatric cases, sucide attempts, and various other cases stacked upon another.
The lobby would inevitably be standing room only, and complaints, even threats, would be hurled repeatedly at the hospital staff.
Well, at times like this, one of us would invariably remark, "we need a Valium salt lick in the ER lobby", or "what we need is aerial spraying of Prozac", among others.

Well, with all that being said, it looks as if it's not just ER Nurses that have this sense of humor.
Except that this is seriously being put out there by a group of British scientists;

Lithium in public water supplies to combat widespread depression.

I can think of at least a dozen medical reasons against this offhand, not to mention the multitude of legal/constitutionall issues such a thing would ignite.

Of course, it's all conjecture, but still, it makes one consider the 'what if' factor.

Well, if all else fails, there's still the aerial spraying thing...............

Just sayin'.



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