Monday, September 12, 2011

More signs that Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled

Russia supports Palestinian bid to win UN statehood: envoy

The Arab nations all around Israel are becoming more hard-line anti-Israel than ever.
Turkey is now threatening Israel.
Russia will support the "palestinians" however they can.

Read Ezekiel.
2500 years ago, he prophecied that Israel would be surrounded by enemies all around, including Turkey, and would be attacked by all, including Russia.

I am by far not a Biblical scholar, but I have studied enough to understand that this has all been foretold.

Men have always claimed that their particular time in history was "the end times", but never in history has so much prophecy been fulfilled.

Maybe this is just a prelude, maybe it's the beginning of what has been foretold.
I don't know.
I only know how I feel, and I feel we are getting very, very close to something of enormous proportions.

January 20th is when the UN vote is scheduled to take place.



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