Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NBC interview with madman Ahmedinejad.."why do you work so hard?"

NBC's Ann Curry fawns over Iran's Ahmedinejad in "interview" Please hold your breath, refrain from vomiting, and brace yourself before going any further. OK. Now, please click the link above, watch thd “interview", and read the transcript. Folks, this is yet another weapon the news media is deploying in anticipation of the UN vote to create a Palestinian State next week. Humanize the madman. Paint him as an average, likeable guy, not the evil, obsessed maniac that he indeed is. Then, when Israel attacks their nuclear facilities, create sympathy, and make the Israelis the bad guys. It's all an elegant setup.http://m.newsbusters.org/blogs/kyle-drennen/2011/09/12/nbcs-curry-ahmadinejad-why-do-you-work-so-hard T.W. ~~~~

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