Saturday, May 26, 2012

Iran speeds production of high grade uranium

Iran boosts stocks of high grade uranium

Two things are becoming clearer with each passing day;

Iran is not only continuing their push toward developing nuclear weapons, but are also accelerating at alarming speed.

The western leaders, spurred by the Obama Administration, care only for their own political lives. Obama is desperate to postpone military beyond the November elections, so he won't have to make a decision before the election to support Israel or not. He wants to be able to make his decision after November, when it would be too late to affect re-election. If nothing is done before then, my firm belief is that he will abandon our only ally in the Middle East to whatever fate they might suffer. Not only will he refuse to support or join an attack by Israel, I believe he would stand and allow Israel to fend for itself if Russia and/or others come to Iran's defense or launch retaliatory attacks. His actions are deplorable.

While Obama and his allies play partisan politics, the security of Israel, and the stability of the Middle East deteriorate as the situation worsens by the day.

The sooner Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear facilities, the better.
Today would be nice.



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