Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blueprint for Marxist takeover of the US

I know this is a hard read--29 pages, and was written in 1969.

However, it is the blueprint for the takeover of the US, over a period of time, by the Marxist organization, Weather Underground.

A few of the names in the text have changed, but the major architects of the Manifesto remain alive, and extremely active in Politics.
Most of them remain active. None of them have repented of their revolutionary, radical, violent ideals.

Weathermen (Weather Underground) Manifesto 

Hit the "read Online" or "download PDF" on the left of the page to read it, or to save it to your computer for reference, like I have.

There are sections in the Manifesto regarding the recruitment of youth, women, and especially minorities--they even refer to "Black Liberation Theology" verbatim!!!  
 Hit the individual links on the names below for a history of each individual, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Some are professors teaching our youngsters, like Bill AyersBernadine DohrnHoward Machtinger ,and Mark Rudd

Some are direct writers of US Policy like Jeff Jones

These people haven't gone away--they've joined the mainstream, and are all contributors to education, government, the media, and religion.

And, Barack Obama knows them, each and every one.

How many Marxist Revolutionaries do you know?

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