Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Economy is about to collapse

Economy on the brink of complete collapse;

This is beyond serious, it's rapidly reaching critical mass.
As of right now, I have absolutely no idea (and niether does Washington--or most ANY economist) how our economy can survive much longer.
We have spent, increased debt, and just damn wasted our way to financial oblivion.
Link to article
After re-reading the linked article;
I will say this much;

I DO NOT support all of this article's conclusions;

I DO NOT support a value added tax of any kind on US produced goods.
I don't think a VAT on foreign-produced goods would do much to bring "outsourced" jobs back to the US.

I DO NOT support ending ALL our wars immediately.

I DO support getting out of Iraq ASAP (and kicking hell out of the Taliban & Al Qaeda)

I think this author is spot on with his reasons behind our present economic condition, but shaky on his list of possible solutions.

Personally, I think we're out of solutions.

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