Thursday, August 12, 2010

New bailouts, old bailouts, and piss poor poll numbers for the Progressives

Bailout money went to foreign banks!!!
from the   Link to the article; 
"Much of the $182 billion in federal aid to AIG - the biggest of the 
government rescues - went to meet the company's obligations to its Wall 
Street trading partners on credit default swaps, a form of insurance 
against default of securities. The partners included French banks 
Societe Generale, which received $11.9 billion in AIG money, and BNP 
Paribas, which got $4.9 billion, and Germany's Deutsche Bank, $11.8 
AIG went to Vegas, lost their asses, and the US Taxpayer covered their damn tab.

Luckily, the Progressives are about to unveil a new bailout; this time to so-called "unemployed homeowners", designed to keep them from defaulting on their mortgages, so that Freddie Mac's fat ass won't sink deeper......
here's the link to that "Charlie Foxtrot" 
Well, not all the news is bad;
The Progressives' poll numbers are in the crapper so deep they can see peanuts.
Link to poll numbers 
All I can say is............... well, I'm dog tired after my son's Middle School Football games tonight, so I better just clam the Hell up, and go read a book before I post something 'harsh'............... 

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