Monday, November 8, 2010

Basking in the glow.............

Ever since the victories scored in last Tuesday's elections, this blog has remained silent.

I have been in deep thought, considering my next words carefully.

I have consulted with a number of like-minded people, have debated the meanings of the various election results, and have attempted to come to conclusions to lingering questions.

#1- Does this really change anything?

#2- What next for the Movement?

My assessment of question # 1-- things had better change a lot.
If the new Republicans ( and the few "Conservative" Democrats that were re-elected) in both Houses of Congress go to Washington and become "co-opted" by the many Progressive 'RINO's' that were left out of last week's purges, they can expect to be looking for work again in a couple years. Just because the Tea Party supported them doesn't mean a thing if they go to Washington and stray from the beliefs of the people that elected them.

My fervent belief is that the Tea Party types such as myself, and the other true Conservatives that spoke resoundingly on Tuesday last have simply had enough of 'business as usual' in regards to our elected Representatives.
If they didn't understand that before, and especially since the elections, they are beyond hope any will be replaced at the next available opportunity.

There's an old saying-- "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Americans have been fooled repeatedly by our Representatives & Senators, even by the Presidents we have elected in good faith, based on campaign rhetoric.

This time around, based on my experiences of the past couple years, I know in my heart that the American public has been awakened in a way not seen in generations.
We are educating ourselves, arming ourselves with the truth, and are basing our decisions on the information that we ourselves are disovering, rather than the shallow promises and half truths of mealy mouthed campaigners.

So yes, I strongly believe a change has come.

And by God, we can change it again in two years if the Congressional Republicans don't back up their words with deeds.

And by the way, in 2012, the other 2/3 of the Senate will be up for re-election, along with the President, and all 435 Members of Congress.

Think the mid-terms were interesting?

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

In answering question #2, I must look ahead to 2012. Rather, I say we need to understand that November 2, 2010 was just this;

an opening salvo.

The real shots heard round the world will take place in November 2012, with the aforementioned enormous turnover of the remaining Senate Progressives, along with their Marxist Hero that currently resides at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.

To accomplish these things, we have to remain vigilant, remain active, and keep ourselves current on events.

In the short run, if Pelosi is confirmed as Minority Leader, expect some serious 'lame-duck' action in Congress.
In the longer view, expect for the Democrats to attempt a shift towards the middle to try and save as many seats in 2012 as they possibly can.

What President Obama will do is anyone's guess.

My personal belief is that he will remain true to his arrogant self, and try to push his radical agendas. Look for recess appointments, Executive Orders and the like for the next two years.

We have to keep ourselves educated on events, and sound the alarm whenever possible.

The Republic is still in danger, and all True Patriots need to remain vigilant and realize that the outcome of the battle is yet to be decided.

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