Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More wonderful news.

Forgive me, but I just feel led to discuss hyperinflation and the possibility of food shortages.

I pray every day.
Along with my worship, and thanks for my blessings, I always ask for Him to show me the truth.
I ask for Him to lead me in the ways I should go, to help me see the truth, so that I might prepare myself and my loved ones for whatever troubles lie ahead.

So, whenever I feel led to study things like this, I go with it.

Call it Divine intervention, call it paranoia, call me a nut, religious zealot (which I'm not-I'm a Baptist...)
And no, I absolutely do NOT consider myself to be any sort of Prophet or soothsayer. I'm just a guy who has questions.

However, the truth is the truth, and too many people who are very much more intelligent than I are sounding these alarms.


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