Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama hides largest US arms deal in history--to US "ally" Saudi Arabia--why??

Even the Liberals are leery of this deal

The Saudis are officially a US 'ally', right??

What other US ally teaches hatred of Christians & Jews to their schoolchildren??

No, what we are doing with this deal is to destabilize the region in favor of a Shia regime overwhelmingly dominated by Israeli-hating old men in their 80's that would like nothing more than to see the downfall of the Jewish state in their remaining lifetimes.
We are arming the Saudis with weapons that could be used against Israel in a future Arab/Israeli conflict.
Saudi Arabia has not joined in any conflict against Israel in the past, likely due to their own military ineffectiveness, but this deal is going to change their military, almost instantly.

Bottom line?

Obama is no friend of Israel, and this deal is his way of striking a blow against them, under the auspices of an arms deal to a US "ally".

I'm calling BS on this deal.


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