Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korean attack may be a show of force by their "Dictator in waiting"

From the linked article listed below;


"North Korean expert Zhang Liangui told the Sydney Morning Herald that the attack was a deliberate act of brinksmanship to rally the military behind Kim Jong-il's anointed successor, Kim Jong-un.

Zhang, a professor at Beijing's Central Party School, told the Herald that he doesn't believe the attack will escalate tensions, but stressed that North Korea would do what it felt necessary to be recognized internationally as a nuclear state."


Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

Either way, it's a dangerous game to be playing, especially in light of the revelations over this past weekend that the North has 2,000 completed centrifuges.

If true, this would greatly expedite their nuclear weapons program.

Now there's word that South Korea is jockeying for the US to deploy nukes within their territority, to counter any nuclear threat from the North.

My question is this:

Does the Narcissist in Chief (Obama) have the stones to play these games?


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