Friday, February 25, 2011

Combat troops to get "gay sensitivity training"-- ON the battlefield!!

First and foremost, allow me to say this;
I could absolutely care less what someone's sexual preferences are, as long as it doesn't affect me or my family.
I have mixed feelings about the ability of these persons to be able to perform their duties in a combat unit in some situations, however.
If a homosexual man goes thru the same EXACT training that the non-homosexual men go thru, and can perform his duties in the same EXACT manner, then it probably wouldn't be that much of a problem.
Those are big "if's" however.

I was in the Service in the early 1980's, and knew that there were a small number of obviously homosexual men in the various units. None of them, however, (that I knew of) were in the direct combat specialties I was involved with-Infantry, Airborne, Rangers, Special Forces.
There is a certain mindset in being one of the types of soldiers mentioned above.
You have got to be able to perform in a combat environment to a high degree of proficiency, every single time, without hesitation, without conscience (that comes later). If you hesitate to act, even for a moment, you or your buddy will die.

If, for instance, a situation calls for you to sneak up on a sentry and kill him with a knife, well, that's just the job you have to do. Many times, you have to shoot a soldier, or group of soldiers with no warning in an ambush.

In the of a firefight, there are situations that would ordinarily call for mercy, that cannot be resolved during the fight, that results in the death or wounding of someone who would very much like to surrender, but due to the fact that other enemies present are still engaged in battle, well, it's very often just too bad for the one who wants to quit. No time for mercy when bullets are flying.
These are only very few examples of the kind of mindset a soldier might have to deal with in the thick of battle. Things that have to be resolved immediately, and without remorse, or else you or your buddies will likely die.

With all that being said, I ask;
How many homosexuals do YOU know that would be able to kill a sentry with a knife?
How many would be able to pull the trigger on an unsuspecting enemy in an ambush without mercy?
Engage in furious hand to hand combat and cut the throat or bash the enemy's head in with the butt of a rifle?

Combat is a very intense, extremely violent, personal struggle. Blood, guts, death.

I have been a Nurse for the past 25 odd years.
In that role, I have known a fair share of homosexual males and females.
I will say this- in my personal opinion, with my previous experience as a soldier, probably 90% of the male homosexuals I have worked with would definitely not be able to function in the type combat units in which I served.
And virtually zero of the females, homosexual or not, could make it thru the training.

I will say it again- as long as the individual can make it thru the training, and function exactly the same as the other members of the team, I would have absolutely no problem with a homosexual, or a female, on my team. AGAIN, a definitely huge "if".
The training can NOT be "adjusted" to fit homosexuals, women, or any other group, just to fit a 'politically correct' agenda.

Doing so will get people killed.


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