Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have we been duped by the Saudis--and our own government--about the Middle east oil supply?

Yes, it's WikiLeaks, but so far, the information has been correct.
I don't agree with Julian Assange's actions in releasing all this Classified information, but it is information, nonetheless.

For many months, I have been perusing a certain website devoted to the concept of "Peak Oil"--which states that we have reached-and have passed-the apex of recoverable Middle East oil reserves, and that there is simply going to be less and less oil to be found there over time.

What will this do to the prices?

They will skyrocket.

Even if the information is only partially correct, we still need to find our own source of oil.
We know that there are some huge oil reserves within the US.
It is high time we tapped into it, and stopped allowing ourselves to be held hostage by the fickle Middle East regimes.


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