Thursday, February 17, 2011

US to issue sharp "rebuke" of Israel at United Nations

In a reversal of long-standing American policy, the Obama Administration is going to publicly 'rebuke' Israel at the UN.

Seems like Mr. Obama is holding firm in his old promise to "stand with the Muslims" in the event of trouble.

It seems to come as no surprise that Mr. Obama has a personal grudge against Israel- research the history of his father and paternal grandfather's activities in Kenya, and add Obama's own words, and soon you will realize that this man has a deep personal hatred of Israel.
The way he personally treated Prime Minister Netanyahu last year during a State Visit should be enough to convince one of that fact, but he continues to pile on.

Now, we are learning that the Administration plans to stand with the so- called "Palestinians" in their ongoing gruge against Israel.

Personally, I am not shocked at this news.
I believe that this is yet another piece of the puzzle being assembled that will fulfill Biblical Prophecy.

Ezekiel chapters 38-39 details a time when Israel will be surrounded by enemies and attacked, and God himself will strike down the attack.
Most Christian Biblical scholars agree that this sentinel event will herald the beginning of the end that is prophesied in the Bible.

Current events in the Middle East are bearing out that soon Israel will be totally surrounded by mortal enemies. Egypt, once a stable force, has fallen, and the likelihood of Islamic radicals taking power is very likely.
Jordan, who shares another huge land border with the Jewish State, is already showing signs of public unrest, and many analysts expect that the same fate awaits them. Indeed, Jordan's leaders have already made moves designed to capitulate to the radical elements.

Once the puzzle pieces fall into place, all that remains is the formation of some sort of alliance, which is also extremely likely, given the talk by most radical Islamic elelments in the region of forming a "nited Muslim Alliance"or "Gobal Caliphate".
I wrote about these possibilities yesterday on this very blog.

Bible prophecy is clear;

Israel will stand alone against this alliance, and will be attacked, with the United States not mentioned at all.

It makes sense to me that by distancing ourselves from Israel like this Administration is obviously doing, Israel will definitely stand alone.

Soon, my freinds.



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