Monday, February 28, 2011

Farrakhan: Mideast uprisings will come to US

As if we didn't have enough trouble in this country these days, the good Reverend Farrakhan is up to his neck fomenting unrest among Americans.

I swear, I believe that Farrakhan would like nothing better than to see rioting in the streets of the US.

To "Reverend" Farrakhan;

if this does happen, please, PLEASE lead from the front and not from the podium.

Stand in front of the rioting masses, be a real leader.

Put your own life at risk in defiance of this country that you so obviously hate.

Of course, Mr. Farrakhan will never do that.

Oh, he might place a couple of his ever present bodyguards in the crowd to save face, but he himself would never place himself in harm's way.

He is a sheep in wolf's clothing, a coward and an idiot.

I'll be looking for you right out front, Louis.

Uh, huh.



Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America faces imminent uprisings that mirror those in the Middle East.

"What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt … Libya, in Bahrain … what you see happening there … you'd better prepare because it will be coming to your door," Farrakhan said in a booming voice, thousands of followers cheering in his wake.

Farrakhan also called on President Barack Obama to allow protesters to march, urging the president not to attack innocent people when they do.

The controversial minster spoke to a packed house at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont as part of the 81st annual celebration of Saviours' Day, which marks the birth of the faith's founder, W. Fard Muhammad.

The keynote address, titled "God will send saviours," capped a weekend of workshops focused on health, preparing for natural disasters and unidentified flying objects. The Nation of Islam believes in a UFO called "the wheel" or "the Mother Plane."

Farrakhan has described a 1985 religious experience in which he ascended into a flying saucer and heard the voice of Elijah Muhammad predicting historical events that came to pass.

For about four hours, Farrakhan spoke and jumped from topic to topic, citing religious texts.
He praised Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Farrakhan extolled the virtues of Scientology and its auditing process, which is considered spiritual counseling by its members.

"L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this earth," Farrakhan said.

"… L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized," Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.

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