Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is he or isn't he? Was he or wasn't he?

Is he a legal citizen of the US??

Was he born in Hawaii??

The farce (and questions) continue.



"...With billionaire and possible GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump ratcheting interest in Barack Obama's Hawaiian birth documentation to its highest level ever, the State of Hawaii is suddenly enforcing a policy that no one – not even the president of the United States – can obtain a copy of his own birth certificate from the state's Department of Health.

Although the policy of denying the public access to copies of long-form original hospital birth certificates was announced in 2001, it wasn't enforced for years. But with Trump's recent pointed questioning of the circumstances of Obama's birth – and whether he was even born in America – Hawaii officials have apparently determined that the long-overlooked state procedure now requires enforcement. "

Read more: Hawaii slams door on birth certificates<>


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