Monday, April 25, 2011

Military Patrols downtown Columbus, GA after escalation in violence

This news is from this past Friday night;
In Columbus, GA, a city connected to Fort Benning US Army base, the Mayor has seen fit to allow the US Army to have a few of their soldiers performing "Courtesy Patrols" on the streets of downtown Columbus.
This is on the heels of increasing violence in Columbus this month- 5 Army soldiers severely beat a civilian earlier this month, and there was a fatal shooting that also injured several others (unsure if any military personnel involved).
I have questions.
For starters;
Why does Columbus need the Military to patrol the strees of their city?
Do they not have enough (or effective enough) police officers to do the job?
Is this Constitutional?
The Military performing the patrols will not have arresting power, but it sends a message to the public that the military can interject itself into civilian affairs on Continental United States soil.
And the 'useful idiots' interviewed in the video think it's a good idea.
I find it disturbing, at the least.


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