Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two US Collapse Scenarios

We have absolutely not learned our lessons, even after the stock market collapse of 2000, or the housing collapse of 2007 (that we still have not recovered from).

What is next?

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"....Never before has the government’s manipulation of financial markets created greater dangers — and opportunities — for investors!
How do we know? Because lesser manipulations in recent years have already proven to be disastrous.
They led to a stock market bubble and bust in 2000 … to an even larger housing bubble and bust in 2007 … and then the greatest banking crisis of our lifetime in 2008.
Nothing Learned
What’s most ironic is that, despite those obvious failures, now those very same policies — even larger in scope than ever before — have led to still another massive bubble, this time in the one asset that, until now, had been considered above the fray: U.S. government debt...."

Two Collapse Scenarios


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