Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UN document would give 'Mother Earth' same rights as humans

UN document would give 'Mother Earth' same rights as humans

I admit it's a stretch of the imagination, but I believe we'll be seeing more and more of this type of mumbo-jumbo in the future, as Progressives try to further dehumanize and desensitize citizens.

I myself am well over half Cherokee, and have a strong affinity for the earth and its creatures, but my beliefs are more those of a steward than of an "equal with Mother Earth".

I guess the UN would have people charged with capital murder for shooting a person, or willfully stepping on a beetle.............



From the Article below;

"....Bolivia will this month table a draft United Nations treaty giving "Mother Earth" the same rights as humans — having just passed a domestic law that does the same for bugs, trees and all other natural things in the South American country.

The bid aims to have the UN recognize the Earth as a living entity that humans have sought to "dominate and exploit" — to the point that the "well-being and existence of many beings" is now threatened......

Bolivia is a country with a large indigenous population, whose traditional belief systems took on greater resonance following the election of Morales, Latin America's first indigenous president...."



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