Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Isn't this the way the VietNam war started?? Or Bosnia??

The European Union is waiting on UN (read U.S.) approval to send ground troops into Libya on a mission to provide security for the delivery of "aid supplies" to the Libyan rebels.

So, President Obama knows full well that he can't send in any ground troops-it would be political suicide to do so-so the UN decides to do it instead, for "humanitarian reasons"??

Anyone else smell a rat here??




From the article;

"....The armed forces, numbering no more than 1,000, would be deployed to secure the delivery of aid supplies, would not be engaged in a combat role but would be authorised to fight if they or their humanitarian wards were threatened. "It would be to secure sea and land corridors inside the country," said an EU official."

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