Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chinese are building anti-missile defense weapons in space

Chines are fighting an arms race
The US is in danger of losing a near silent arms race--space based technology--to the Chinese.
Obama and his cronies are too busy screwing around trying to ruin the economy and our way of life, they are purposely allowing the U.S. to fall behind in anti missile technology.
If the Chinese succeed in building any sort of satellite based anti-missile weapons system, then our strategic billistic missile technology becomes near moot in their eyes.
They would be perfectly willing to trade nukes on a near even scale with the U.S., their top Generals have said aas much-it's considered part of their standing military Doctrine.
They have so many people, they could care less to lose a few million.
Would we accept the loss of a few million??
 from the article;

"Our (U.S.) analysts determined there are two Chinese satellites in close proximity of each other," a defense official told Inside the Ring. "We do not know if they have made physical contact. The Chinese have not contacted us regarding these satellites."

Are they freaking kidding??
They expect the Chinese to 'contact us' ??

They own so much of our national debt, they feel they can do whatever the hell they want to.

And with this current bunch of naive, Marxist bastards in power in America, they can do just that.

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