Monday, September 13, 2010

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner contradicts himself-says Government should spend more to spur Economy

In a very self-conflicting interview with the Wall Street Journal, Treaury Secretary Timoth Geithner explains that the Government should spend money to spur the Economy, then admits that the Government doesn't have unlimited money to spend.
He, like other Progressives that subscribe to the Keynesian Theory of Economics, believe the Government can, and should, spend its way out of economic crises, instead of allowing the more sensible (in my humble opinion) law of good old Supply & Demand take care of the Economy.
These "useful idiots" have no use for our Free Market system, and to me, this is just another example of the Progressives spinning our economic woes to further justify them ruining our system.
Yes, to intentionally ruin it.
Cloward & Piven.
Google that one, my friends.

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