Monday, September 20, 2010

Jimmy Carter defends his record, hopes Tea Party fades by 2012

Well, Jimmy Carter, who I personally consider to have been probably the most ineffective President in history, certainly modern history, is hawking a new book.

He wants us to believe that he actually accomplished something during his pitiful tenure in the White House.

Sorry, I remember all too well Operation Eagle Claw on 24 April 1980. Google that one.
I was a young Army recruit just finishing High School, and remember the Iran Hostage crisis like it was yesterday. It lasted 444 days, and I remember seeing that big ass sign going into Ft. Benning every day "America Held Hostage ____ days".

Thank God Reagan won the election & scared Hell out of the bastards.

Carter has the absolute conceited audacity to comment in the interview with Matt Lauer,

"...the former President claimed if "all my reforms" had "taken effect" the United States wouldn't be having any energy problems right now and hoped that by 2012 any influence of the Tea Party would be "dissipated."

Holy crap, gimme a break.

Read the interview transcript at the website linked above.

And for God's sake, have a puke bucket handy.

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