Friday, September 10, 2010

Essay: The Progressive News Media created the furor over the "Burn a Koran Day" Florida preacher

I am completely sick to death of hearing about this, on every news outlet from CNN to FOX, hell, even my local Chattanooga talk radio station is yammering non-stop about it, all day long.
What we have here is a case of the national media exploiting a small story and intentionally causing it to explode into an international media circus.
Every single News outlet has been running this 'story' into the ground around the clock for days on end.
If the media had not shone the spotlight on this misguided preacher, it would most likely have been a non-event anyway.
This preacher, Terry Jones, has a tiny church in the Gainesville, Florida area, with a tiny congregation of less than 50.
Mr. Jones has a history of creating controversy in his local area with stunts like this.
Earlier this year, he obtained a small level of notoriety in the local region for running a "No Homo Mayor" campaign against a candidate in Gainesville.
Last year, he also sent the kids of the congregation off to school in "Islam is of the devil" T-shirts. Of course they got kicked out of school, which got Jones a taste of media attention.
So, his latest attempt to gain notoriety is to place a truck out in a fiels with "Burn a Koran Day" hand-painted upon it, for all the world to see.
And boy, have they seen it.
The media have seized upon this threatened stunt, and have made what should have been an insignificant side note on the local Gainesville television into a massive news story.
I blame the media 100% for this story.
Pastor Jones threatened to stage a media stunt, but the media fanned the flames and made it into a news inferno, when left alone, it would have barely made a spark.
Meanwhile, the Progressive-controlled Media continue to ignore real stories, affecting real people.
And of course, they have seized upon Mr. Jones' threat to burn Korans to point out that ALL Christians are "mean-spirited", "intolerant", etc, etc.

From The Orlando Sentinel's Mike Thomas;

".....Do you really think that if Jesus Christ were here today, he would say, 'Pastor go burn that holy book?'" asked ABC's Terry Moran

Course he would!

I mean, seriously, are they expecting Jones to slap the side of his head in a moment of rational thought and introspection and, right there on camera, take it all back? By golly, you're right. Jesus wouldn't burn them books so I'm just going back to my irrelevant life. See ya'll.
This is someone who can barely scrape together enough people to carry a tune in church, and now he has the world breathlessly waiting for his next words.
He is a regular Moses on the mountaintop, urging the spineless Christians to take a stand against the Muslim hordes. "

Thank you, Pastor Jones.
As if the Progressives didn't stir up enough about real Christians already.

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