Monday, September 13, 2010

Media created firestorm over Koran Burnings, Muslim/Jew race baiting, Christian bashing, etc., etc. What a Country.....

Following are several links pointing out blatant Media bias towards Muslims and Islam in general, Christian/Jew bashing, the hits just keep on coming;

Even Dan Rather seems to get it--from the first linked article;

"And let's not forget here that the press, and it--media in general bear some responsibility here by running so hard with this story so early and putting such comments as you just said not only on the air, but high on the air, giving it play. We have a lot to answer for on this, as well, and I think we've all learned something out of this. You know, the message that--if we consider--if we allow it--the air to get out that we think all Muslims are enemies, then we're going to have them all as enemies. We have to be very careful about that, and particularly this happening in the roll up to 9/11 when we should be in remembrance, in reverence and in resolve, to get caught up in this small thing, we've all got a lot to answer for."
Ordinarily, I could care less for Dan (What's the frequency, Kenneth?) Rather, but this once I agree.

Alan Colmes says Christians would respond just like Muslims if they burned our Bibles--uh, what? The freaking DO burn our Bibles, you idiot!!!

Here's a really good one.
Jon Voight is a great Conservative, and could care less what the Progressives in the Media or in Hollywood think about him. I love it.
Jon Voight Slams Time Magazine as Anti-Semitic for Its 'Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace' Cover.

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