Monday, September 13, 2010

This video is absolutely unvarnished, truthful look at what's really going on in Gaza.

From the video's producer;

"It's a non-sugar coated, eye opening look at the REAL conflict in Gaza. One that is concealed from the Western world on how the Gaza siege truly begins from within Gaza itself via Hamas, before ever factoring Israel's blockade for security reasons. Hamas has all of Gazan's hostage and silences their opposition at gunpoint. Gaza is one massive human shield and the only road to a free Gaza, is a Gaza not under siege by a Terrorist mafia posing as a government authority."

The real problem lies with Hamas. They are corrupt, and the Progressive Media is eating from the palms of their stinking, bloodstained hands.
So, the next time a Media person, or Hollywood Marxist tearfully urges Americans to speak out for the poor people of Gaza being persecuted by the terrible Israelis, remember this video, remember who the real persecutors are in Gaza.


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