Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doomsday warnings of US apocalypse gain ground

LINK to a very telling areticle on our impending Economic collapse

Not saying I completely buy all of the predictions, but I can't help but believe things are going to crash.

How deep, how long is the real worry in my opinion.

Our Gross Domestic Product is currently $14.34 Trillion.

 Our National Debt is currently at $13.45 Trillion.

 The Nat'l Debt is at 92.52% of our GDP.

 92.52 percent!!! 

We are definitiely in for something bad. No way this doesn't escalate.
The Debt is increasing, the Ratio is increasing.
Economists have warned against Deficit Spending for decades.

The Progressives in Congress and the White House just don't give a damn.

Look at the National Debt Clock at THIS LINK 

Look at the National Debt Clock and tell me you're not scared to death that the scenario in the article comes true

Stock up on essentials, folks.
The Stock Market is NOT an accurate economic indicator in today's world of dramatic unemployment, Mortgage Crises, +92% debt to GDP ratios, etc., etc.

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