Friday, September 17, 2010

Sarah Palin going to Iowa--will she or won't she run in 2012?

I have an issue.

I love Sarah Palin.

I can't help it.

Not a romantic, sexual thing, mind you, but doggone it, I can't help myself.
She's a stalwart, unapologetic Conservative of the Reagan variety, one like we've not seen since.

Granted, she isn't nearly as adept in front of the TV cameras as Reagan, but who is?

I keep wishing beyond hope that somewhere out there, another George Washington is going to rise from obscurity and take the country by storm with genuine, heartfelt speeches outlining a plan to return us to our glory days of smaller government, fiscal soundness, economic solidity, and military responsiblity.

Look around for true Conservatives.

Tim Pawlenty?

Mitt Romney?

Newt Gingrich?

Mike Huckabee?

John McCain?

Haley Barbour?

Here's a pretty good outline of some of the top Republican hopefuls.

See what I mean??

I like Mike Huckabee, mainly because he support the Fair Tax, but I think he would be a total longshot.

As of right now, unless someone else pops up and convinces me they're truly a small-government Conservative, I'm firmly behind Sarah Palin.
She definitely isn't a mainstream GOP sellout like all but one off the previous list (Huckabee).

I think she truly, honestly believes in the values and ideals of small government Conservatism.

And hey, she's pissing off the establishment RINO's, so she's got that going for her......

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